RN-W ZR-W Instal-Blok Obudowy z tworzywa termoutwardzalnego Inne rozdzielnice nN Złącza kablowe, pomiarowe w obudowach z tworzywa termoutwardzalnego BK-BKD

Cable boxes, thermosetting and aluminium cubicles, low voltage switchgear and other electrical equipment and accessories from proven manufacturer.

Electricity consumption metering boards are used mainly to build new metering and billing systems as well as to upgrade available solutions.

We manufacture equipment for metering and billing systems to be installed both inside and outside of buildings. They are also ready for electronic meters adapted to remote data readout. Additionally we manufacture boards inside cubicles or mounting frames from powder coated steel or aluminium sheets. All according to clients' requirements.

Metering systems, used in our electricity consumption metering boards, can be used during direct energy consumption metering as well as semidirect metering systems using power control, GSM modules etc.

Additional details and technical data on LV switchgears, cubicles, metering systems and other solutions are provided on their dedicated pages.

  • BK, BKD

    In an electricity system the reactive power industry influences the quality deterioration of the energy network parameters and the increase of electricity charges.


  • Cable, metering boxes in thermosetting cubicles

    ZPUE S.A. company manufactures cable boxes on the basis of its SKR type cubicles made of reinforced fiber-glass composites or metal.



    Modern, modular solution based on a framework construction, which allow simple installation of low voltage control gears, switchgears, protection devices in order to industrial automation and other industry needs.


  • Other

    Solutions for metering boards presented in the catalogue can be used to the construction of new metering and billing systems, as well as modernization of the existing solutions.


  • RN-W

    They have a wide range of applications in urban transformer stations, industrial sites, shopping centers and other facilities.


  • Thermosetting cubicles

    In response to customers needs in the area of delivery of high quality cable cubicles made of thermoset fibre glass reinforced polyester SMC, the ZPUE S.A. company manufactures the best quality SKRD and SKRF type.


  • ZR-W

    ZR-W system switchgears are designed for energy distribution at each level, as well as control and protection of electrical devices against short-circuit and overload effects.


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