Concrete container transformer stations

Gas insulated substation

Prefabricated containers manufactured from reinforced concrete. Their design is based on individual projects and requirements. As a result, you can find here a number of sample solutions, but every project can be adjusted to the spatial and technical needs of our Clients.

A gas insulated substation offers a number of advantages, such as small size, very high reliability thus minimum number of power outages, as well as minimum maintenance required. It allows to install a whole range of MV (up to 2x4 bay numbers) and LV (up to 2x10 bay numbers) switchgears and accessories in diverse configurations. They are also ready to work with our advanced Smart Grid system.

At ZPUE we have also taken care of the aesthetic aspect of our gas insulated substations. The choice includes e.g. different types and colours of roof, walls and ceilings.

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