Stations dedicated to the needs of the railway industry Traction substations made of precast concrete elements

A traction substation is a traction power facility in which the electricity supplying the substation (HV or MV) is converted into electricity with parameters (type and voltage level) appropriate for a given electric traction supply system. Due to the DC power supply system used in Poland (railway lines - 3 kV, tram lines 600 V), traction substations are transformer-rectifier stations. They convert three-phase alternating current with a voltage used in the power industry (usually 15 kV) into direct current, which supplies the overhead line and traction vehicles with it. Additionally, traction substations can be used to supply other loads (non-traction, auxiliary devices - auxiliary devices) and to return electric regenerative braking energy of vehicles to the power grid.
ZPUE S.A. as a manufacturer of MV and LV switchgears and prefabricated concrete enclosures, it is able to implement a turnkey substation. Employees of technical departments are actively involved in the design of substations. The works consist in the preparation of a design for a railway traction substation with the use of switchboards and concrete prefabricates manufactured at ZPUE S.A.

Visualization of the traction substation

podstacja trakcyjna d
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