Stations dedicated to the railway industry (traction substation) needs

Traction substation for the needs of railway ZPUE S.A. as a manufacturer of medium and low voltage switchgear and prefabricated concrete housing is able to meet a turnkey basis.

Stations dedicated to the railway industry - traction substation including precast concrete produced in ZPUE S.A.

The traction substation is a facility of the electric power traction, where electric power, which supplies electricity to the substation (HV or LV), is converted into electric power with parameters (type and voltage level) relevant to a particular electric traction power supply system. Taking into consideration the direct current power supply system used in Poland (railways – 3 kV, tramways 600 V), traction substations fulfill the role of trans-former-rectifier stations.
They convert the three-phase alternating current at a voltage of that used in commer-cial power generation (normally 15 kV) into a direct current, which supplies power to the traction network and then to the traction vehicle. Traction substations can be addition-ally used to power other recipients (non-traction, auxiliary devices- own needs) and for the regenerative braking of the vehicles to return energy to the power supply. ZPUE S.A. as a manufacturer of MV and LV switchgears and prefabricated concrete housings , is able to deliver turnkey substa-tions. Technical department workers actively participate in the designing of the substation. This work involves design preparation of the railway traction station using switchgears and precast concrete manufactured by ZPUE S.A.


podstacja trakcyjna d

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