Corporate Social Responsibility

We create new solutions with people in mind, focusing on their rights, dignity, health and safety

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Our Sustainable Development Goals

From among the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals adopted by all UN countries until 2030, we have focused on six. We believe that joint efforts to achieve these goals will improve living and working conditions across the world.

Clean and modern energy
Innovation, industry, infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production
Economic growth and decent work
Sustainable cities and communities
Partnerships to achieve goals


Ethics and transparency

The Supplier Code of Conduct

is a set of our minimum requirements for our suppliers of goods and providers of services in the supply chain to comply with the law, our core valuesand the principles of social responsibility. As part of our Supplier Code of Conduct, we have taken into account the principle that the supplier conducts its business honestly and ethically. A supplier shall not resort to any form of corruption or bribery, whether in dealing with government officials, public officials, customers or business partners.


we maintain a system to manage our compliance with all obligations and relevant regulations and to promote and adopt compliance and to prevent any non-conformities. Compliance ensures that provisions of generally applicable law are fully complied with and no laws are broken. More and more often compliance is viewed as an indispensable element of successfully managing an enterprise in the legal and economic space. Maintaining the principle of legality and therefore creating an efficient compliance system remains a joint responsibility of the whole company.

The Compliance Officer is responsible for the compliance system in the organization, and, as a rule, strives to prevent violations of the law, in particular, committing crimes that originate in the enterprise and may cause significant damage to the enterprise through the risk of the enterprise sustaining reputational damage or being held liable for violations of the law. One of the compliance management standards is ISO 19600, ISO 37001.

The Code of Ethics

sets out the minimum standards of behaviour that apply to all employees. According to this document, all business decisions are made with honesty and integrity, based on objective factors such as cost, quality, value, service and the ability to meet obligations. Moreover, according to the Code of Ethics, all employees are obliged to avoid any actions or relationships that might be inconsistent or appear to be inconsistent with the interests of the Group.


Trust and cooperation

For the sake of transparency of operations and transparency of its activities, ZPUE S.A. maintains a multidimensional dialogue both with the external environment and within the organisation. We use many available tools, both traditional and those based on the latest Information and Communications Technology.

Shareholders and investors

Stock exchange announcements including the current and periodic reports, corporate website, e-mail contact for investors, investor meetings.

Employees and their families

Newsletter for employees in hard copy and electronic version, internal portal for employees, notice boards, IDEA rationalization program, employee picnic, self-service kiosks allowing production employees to use the internal HR portal.


Website, meetings and conferences, trade fairs, media, social media, product catalogues. Last year, we decided to transform our quarterly “Horizons” into the SMART magazine, also published quarterly.

Suppliers, collaborating companies

Current contact, meetings, audits, quarterly.

Local activities

Activities of the “Jesteśmy Blisko” Foundation, sponsorship and financial support for local cultural and sports events, meetings with local government representatives, social media, sponsorship of the 4th league sports club Hetman Włoszczowa.

Media and public opinion

Articles, publications in trade magazines and portals, social media.


Participation in conferences and trade fairs, social media, product catalogues, website, quarterly magazine.

State authorities

Mass media, conferences, forums.

In 2018, an independent audit body confirmed the implementation by ZPUE S.A. of Integrated Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System based on three ISO standards. This is a very important point for the Company and a significant indicator for business partners across the world that ZPUE can be most trusted.

Being aware of these requirements, the Management Board of ZPUE SA decided to implement an integrated quality, environment and health and safety management system.

ZPUE has implemented and proved the application of an Integrated Management System based on three standards: ISO 9001: 2015 - confirming management in the area of quality, ISO 14001: 2015 confirming the company's care for the natural environment, and, for the first time, OHSAS 18001:2007 on occupational health and safety. (to date the company has held the following certificates: ISO 9001 2008 and ISO 14001 2008

In the first half of July 2018, five auditors from TÜV Nord inspected the management systems in ZPUE plants in terms of quality, environmental and health and safety standards. No non-conformities were found. Only some improvements to the operation of the system were recommended and we immediately started implementing them.


Climate and environment

We meet the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, which confirms the company's approach to the natural environment.

Under all circumstances, all employees of ZPUE SA always act responsibly in the areas of quality and the environment in order to improve customer satisfaction and to ensure that pro-environment efforts are most effective, as well as to avoid environmental pollution and continuously reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We pursue environmental goals based on the principles of sustainable development by:

  • a systemic approach to quality and the environment, including continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and procedures necessary to deliver our clients' orders. This approach is closely related to compliance with legal regulations on environmental protection.
  • eliminating risks to the natural environment.
  • systematically training all our employees and individuals acting on behalf of and for ZPUE SA in the quality and environmental management techniques, and motivating employees to achieve our quality and environmental goals.


Customers and Suppliers

In addition to reliable solutions, we offer to our customers and suppliers a package of values and advantages that are effective in improving customer satisfaction.

We are trustworthy

From the 2017 opinion poll carried out by the GfK Polonia sp.z o.o. Institute / CE Business & Social Research on a group of 352 clients from the energy and industrial sectors, we obtained the best results for reputation in the following areas:

  • A company with extensive experience in the power industry
  • Polish company
  • Reliable company taking responsibility for its products

We take responsibility for our products

Doing business in the power industry, we take responsibility for human life and health as well as high-value property. We improve the quality of life by guaranteeing:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Our products are of high quality and completely safe for the user
  • We minimize the negative impact of our devices on the environment
  • Our products are not designed for planned obsolescence. We can extend product life cycle by upgrades, which is one of our standard services
  • We always work on and bring to the market new solutions that save energy and the environment
  • We act responsibly at all stages of the production process — from sourcing components and raw materials, through the manufacturing process to distribution

Our steps towards a responsible supply chain

01. Supplier selection

02. Honest collaboration

03. Joint projects

We continuously adapt and modify the supply chain and, for materials identified as potentially at risk, a purchasing strategy is implemented to:

  • find alternative sources of supply
  • replace the problem material with a standard material with high availability create a supplier's deposit stock warehouse
  • provide a supplier with the purchase forecast

Our Purchasing Platform ensures full transparency of purchasing procedures. In the near future, full acceptance of the general terms of purchase and our Code of Ethics will be the necessary condition to participate in procurement procedures and auctions announced on the Purchasing Platform.



We focus on a friendly employee and family policy. We adopted a policy that integrates, creates opportunities for personal development, gives a sense security, stability and job satisfaction.



The “Jesteśmy Blisko” Foundation

Our economic success goes hand in hand with our social commitment, as evidenced by numerous projects, efforts and activities for the local community. We invest in the development of children and youth, we fight poverty and social exclusion. We strive to build our social bonds and also by using the help of the “Jesteśmy Blisko” Foundation, established in 2010.

Małgorzata Wypychewicz, Founder of the “Jesteśmy Blisko” Foundation

We want to be closer to achieve more

„My husband and I established the “Jesteśmy Blisko” Foundation out of the need of the heart and the spur of the moment. The impulse for action was my sudden illness, devastating diagnosis and winning the fight for life. Then I realized that without the support of others, I would not have been able to go through it all. This is why I decided to help others - our employees and their families first, and with time all those in need in our region. This is how our Foundation was created, which today is a safe haven for anyone who finds themselves in extraordinarily tough circumstances.”



We support sports activities in the region. We aim for long-term goals, including those that encourage the development of the young generation.

Bogusław Wypychewicz, Founder and President of the Supervisory Board of ZPUE S.A.

„Thanks to karate, I found my physical and mental strength. I want to share my experience and promote the values of this martial art, especially among young people”


For over 20 years we have been a strategic sponsor of the Kielce Kyokushin Koronea Karate Club.


For a number of years we have been supporting Hetman Włoszczowa Sports Club - a local sports club with over 70 years of tradition and interesting history. Apart from the senior football team, the club also runs youth and children's sections, instilling a passion for sport in young people.


We help organise many sports events, such as the annual international Hetman Cup tournament and the Junior Swimming League.


with universities

Stanisław Staszic AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

We handed over our TPM switchgear with controller to the laboratory
Ambassador programme
Sponsoring student projects (AGH Car Racing)
Student internship
We employ graduates

Kielce University of Technology

Sponsoring student projects (IMPULS 2 Mars rover)
Student internship
We employ graduates

Silesian University of Technology

We equipped the laboratory with our devices
Student internship
We are a member of the electrical department curriculum board
We employ graduates

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