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ZPUE S.A. designs, manufactures, delivers, assembles and commissions emergency power supply systems based on concrete or metal enclosures of its own manufacture, using power generator units made by leading global manufacturers. In the projects performed so far ZPUE S.A. has used power generator units with a power up to 2000 kVA. An open unit is installed in specialist concrete containers, with a full set of MV and LV switchgear, transformers and an ATS system. Stations with power generators are adapted for operation both in indoors and outdoors condition, in accordance with their intended use. In standard version they may be used in temperate climate conditions, that is, within a temperature range of -25°C to 40°C, at an installation height up to 1000 m ASL. It is possible to manufacture substations with power generator units installed and operated in other climate zone conditions — such solutions should be arranged with the manufacturer every time.
The use of prefabricated reinforced concrete enclosures enables designing of rooms which allow for the installation of additional fuel tanks. This allows the generator unit to operate continuously even up to 24h while meeting fire safety and noise emission requirements. ZPUE S.A. realises orders based on individual customer requirements. Appropriate selection of the power generator unit guarantees correct operation.

Placement of equipment — example solutions

MRw-bS 20/1000+400-2
MRw-bS 20/1000+400-2
1 Walls, 120 mm thick - standard, 90 mm - optional
Solid walls - fire integrity class REI 120
2 Ventilation grating IP 23D - standard, IP 43 - optional
In ventilation louvres mounted in walls with fire integrity class, fire dampers are installed (e.g. EI 60 or EIS 120) - optional
3 Doors: solid or with ventilation louvres, without fire integrity class IP 23D - standard, IP 43 - optional
Doors with fire resistance e.g EI 60 or EI 120 - optional
4 Transformer
5 LV switchgear
5a AMI cabinet / Smart Grid / telemetry / auxiliary
5b Capacitor bank
6 MV switchgear
7 Cable duct cover
8 Generator unit
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