The transmission of reactive power in a power grid system reduces the quality of power grid parameters and causes voltage and active power losses in electrical systems. In order to prevent the adverse phenomena related to the transmission of reactive power in power grids, reactive power compensation systems are used near the locations where reactive power is generated.

The ZPUE S.A. company provides solutions for reactive power compensation in its offer. One of them is a concrete container station equipped with a set of protections and an MV capacitor bank with protective reactors.

MRw-b (7,16x3,06) 20(30)-1 MV reactive power compensation up to 5 MVAr

MRw-b (7,16x3,06) 20-3
1 Walls, 120 mm thick - standard, 90 mm - optional
2 Ventilation grating IP 23D - standard, IP 43 - optional
3 Doors: solid or with ventilation louvres, without fire integrity class IP 23D - standard, IP 43 - optional
4 Transformer
5 LV switchgear
5a AMI cabinet / telemetry / auxiliary
6 MV switchgear
6a Capacitor bank with MV reactors
7 Cable duct cover
Electrical diagram
MRw-b (7,16x3,06) 20-3 (Instalacja PV o mocy do 1MWp)


The catalogue presents example substation configurations.

Detailed selection of MV switchgears and their equipment is listed in chapters dedicated to individual devices in the catalogue. The possibility of installing other types and configurations of switchgears should be arranged every time with the substation manufacturer.

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