Rozłączniki RN i RUN z komorami powietrznymi o prądzie łączeniowym 100A

Overhead modular switch disconnectors type RN III 24/4-100A (RUN III 24/4-100A) are appliances used in overhead distribution networks 15 and 20 kV and are designed for switching off/on the load current up to 100 A. Rated continuous current 400 A.
Switch disconnectors are composed of three independent poles installed on a transmission shaft. The distance between particular poles can be adjusted in a range between 450 and 650 mm.
Modular construction of the unit allows installation of particular elements- carrying beam, poles, drive – on a pole without the need to use heavy equipment. The construction of the unit allows its installation on a standard pole without additional supporting structures. Connections are equipped with composite insulators with a polycarbonate core in HTV rubber cover type HASDI. Main contacts are made from profiled copper flat bars coated by silver plating or tinning, depending on the ZE standards. Isolators are equipped with contact systems with air load break interrupters. Movable isolators are equipped with contact systems with a switching contact and spring mechanism. Poles are beared with brass sleeves. As standard, the overhead power line connection allows installation of isolated or naked aluminum electricity cables with a cross-section 16-95 mm2 (a special design allows connecting cables with a cross-section 120 mm2). A flexible contact takes over bending effects on a movable appliance pole. Appliances construction allows expansion of operating devices with additional modules- earthing switches, load break interrupter, lightning arresters or additional insulators – allowing the configuration depending on the needs.

Switch disconnectors can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.
Switch disconnectors are adapted to the remote control using drives series NSP-7/SO-2 i NSP-8/SO2, as well as to the manual drive using a crank (which is located inside the drive) or only by a manual drive (without the motor).

Switch disconnectors are permitted to be used in all marketing companies. They can be equipped with current transformers type AGCE-24 or CSO, which are used to detect short-circuit currents in MV networks.


  • Visible safe isolation gap
  • Fault-free operations in extreme weather conditions
  • Low wear and ageing reduction of all active components achieved thanks to the application of the highest quality switching units, which have excellent mechanical and electrical properties according to norm 62271-103
  • Possibility to expand with other components e.g. current transformers, lightning arresters
  • High switching current 100A without the need to switch off the whole linear sequence.

RN and RUN switch disconnector parameters

Compliance with standards:

  • PN-EN 62271-103 :2011 -  “High Voltage Switchgear and Control gear – Part 103: Disconnectors with rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV”,
  • PN-EN 62271-1:2009+A1:2011 - “High Voltage Switchgear and Control gear – Part 1: Common specifications”,
  • PN-EN 62271-102:2005; PN-EN 62271-102:2005/A1:2011 - “High Voltage Switchgear and Control gear – Part 102: High voltage altering current disconnectors and grounding switches”,
  • PN-EN ISO 1461:2011 - Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles,
  • PN-EN 61140:2005/A1 - Protection against electric shock. Common aspects for installation and equipment.
RN III 24/4-100A i RUN III 24/4-100A switch disconnector parameters
Rated voltage Ur 24(25)kV
Rated frequency – number of phases fr 50 Hz-3
Rated power frequency withstand voltage – in wet conditions and when it rains – 1 min. Ud
     - to the ground and inter-phases
     - safe isolation break

Znamionowe napięcie wytrzymywane udarowe piorunowe 1,2/50ms Up
     - to the ground and inter-phases
     - safe isolation break

Rated continuous current Ir 400A
Rated short-time withstand current Ik 16kA (1s)
Rated peak current strength Ip 40kA
Rated short-circuit making current Ima 16kA
Rated short-circuit breaking current in a circuit with low inductance Iload 100A
Rated short-circuit breaking current in a ring network circuit Iloop 100A
Rated short-circuit breaking current of cable charging Icc 20A
Mechanical durability (the process defined as closing and opening) 5000
Operation temperature - 40°C + 60°C
Electricity class E3

Switch disconnectors have a certificate of conformity from the accredited body: the Institute of Electrical Engineering in Warsaw.

View, dimensions and construction

Widok, wymiary i budowa rozłącznika RN i RUN
Widok, wymiary i budowa rozłącznika RN i RUN
  1. Switch disconnector frame (beam)
  2. Bushing insulator
  3. Main contacts of the switch disconnector
  4. Flicker movable contacts
  5. Movable support
  6. Element for the interrupter installation
  7. Air interrupter 100A
  8. Connecting cable
  9. Drive lever of the switch disconnector
  10. Connection terminal
  11. Oscillating element with a terminal strip

Load break interrupter view 100A

Disconnector closed
Widok komory łączeniowej - rozłącznik zamknięty
Disconnector opened
Widok komory łączeniowej - rozłącznik otwarty
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