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Our comprehensive offer includes a whole range of diverse low voltage switchgears, cable boxes as well as aluminium and thermosetting cubicles.

Thanks to their versatility thermosetting cubicles are widely used by the power sector, light industry and telecommunications. They are manufactured from self-extinguishing, flame-retardant insulating composite material: polyester and fibre glass. Diverse sizes allow clients to find a cubicle meeting their needs or requirements of accessories used. Along with additional elements, special design of the cubicles' construction ensures fast and comfortable installation of instruments and accessories inside of it. High resistance to weather conditions (including UV rays) allows smooth operation for many years.

You can find more information about each of the LV electrical switchgear, cubicles and other products on their pages.

From compact versions to the most efficient solutions for the power sector – each medium voltage switchgear is a complete answer to your diverse power-supply needs. Our engineers have develop a range of MV equipment, with gas or air insulation, for indoor purposes. They are flexible, offer simple maintenance and assembly and several safety features to provide top efficiency in all conditions.

Designed to work with Smart Grid network (advanced, highly automated system of energy management), they were created in order to offer high performance in any area and all, even extreme conditions. ZPUE team developed a number of versions of metal and concrete container transformer stations.

In accordance with spatial requirements and place of use, there are structures operated externally or with service corridor, underground versions, projects created in the form of an advertising pole or solutions dedicated for GPZ’s or the railway industry.

Each power station transformer, including medium voltage gas insulated switchgear, can be easily configured for installation of specific gear. The projects can also be redesigned according to the requirements of our Clients. It includes as well the aesthetic side, such as wall colours, different roofs or ceilings.

One of the most advanced solutions, created to operate efficiently and safely even in the most difficult conditions. Compatible with highly automated Smart Grid system our medium voltage gas insulated switchgear as well as other container transformer stations ensure great reliability and flexibility of use. Simple installation of gear and easy configuration in accordance with individual needs is a result of a careful design by experienced ZPUE’s engineers.

laczniki napowietrzne

A complete range of modern gear designed according to the requirements of advanced, highly universal Smart Grid system. Our overhead connectors were developed to offer the highest reliability and durability over the years of their use in harsh conditions. As a result, the connectors, switch disconnectors, fuse bases and other gear requires minimum effort when it comes to regular control and maintenance.

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