Thermosetting cubicles

Responding to the needs of customers for the supply of high quality cable cabinet enclosures constructed with SMC fibreglass reinforced thermosetting polyester ZPUE S.A., having at its disposal appropriate machinery and human resources, manufactures high quality SKRD and SKRF type thermosetting plastic enclosures. By considering the feedback provided by our customers concerning the existing technical solutions and suggestions of changes to the solutions currently available on the market, we have created a product range of SKR cabling & distribution cabinets, adapted to the requirements of national energy distribution companies. Our company, as the leading manufacturer in the sector continuously improves manufacturing technology, resulting in the highest quality of our products. Our products have appropriate certificates.

Manufacturing technology

The used material is a key element in ensuring high quality of manufacturing and long service life of the cabinets. The ZPUE S.A. company has used its long-term relationships with the best industrial chemical manufacturers in Europe, and the knowledge and experience of personnel who has been working in the field of SMC plastic processing for years. The material used for the manufacturing of our cabinets consists of multiple components, which guarantee meeting the requirements of mechanical and thermal strength and restricting the harmful impact of UV radiation on the used material, which guarantees long life and excellent appearance of our cabinets.

Area of application

Enclosures of thermosetting plastic are widely used in power engineering, industry and telecommunications due to their universality. They are manufactured from insulating, self-extinguishing and flame retardant composite (polyester + fibre glass — SMC) with high weather resistance (UV). Modular construction enables any combination of the enclosure with foundation, extension or cable compartment, and combining of enclosures in either a vertical or horizontal layout. Varying dimensions enable the adaptation of the enclosure to the customer's requirements or to the used equipment. The specially developed internal design of the enclosure, integrated with additional elements ensures quick and convenient installation of equipment and devices inside the enclosure. The enclosures are painted as standard with RAL 7035 and at the customer's request they may be coated with plastic varnish in any colour in the RAL palette.

Characteristics and advantages of SKR enclosures

Made of highest quality self-extinguishing SMC material. Excellent durability and appearance, for many years. Resistance to UV radiation and changing weather conditions. Very high mechanical strength. Ventilation for ensuring the removal of excess moisture. Modular design enabling the replacement of faulty parts. Due to modular design it is possible to divide the enclosures vertically and horizontally. Possibility of configuring any connection box or expanding an existing one. Possibility of equipping with strip-type switch disconnectors (in 320 mm version enables parking) Three-point door locking mechanism made of plastic or metal. Possibility of simple and quick toolless removal of doors and foundation covers, facilitating the work of installers. External surface is ribbed, improving appearance and hindering placement of posters on the cabinet.

Technical data

Basic technical data
Insulation / protection class II
Ingress protection rating IP44 / IP54
Mechanical impact protection IK 10
Flammability class V0
UV resistance YES
Heat resistance 960oC
Colour RAL 7035
Operating conditions -50oC ÷ + 55oC
Rated impulse 230V / 400V / 500V
Rated insulation voltage 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC
Comparative tracking index CTI 600
Rated current up to 630A / 1000A
Dimensional tolerance ± 3mm

Compliance with standards

SKRD and SKRF type insulating enclosures with equipment meet the requirements of the Directives of the European Parliament and of the Council: RoHS Directive No 2011/65/EU on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment and Low Voltage Directive (LVD) No 2014/35/EU on the harmonisation of the laws of the Member States relating to the making available on the market of electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits and meet the requirements and standards in question.

The products presented herein were tested by BBJ-SEP (Quality Testing Office of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers) in Lublin and meet the safety requirements of the following standards:

  • PN-EN 62208:2011 - „Empty enclosures for low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. General requirements”,
  • PN-EN 60529:2003, PN-EN 60529:2003/A2:2014-07 - „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)”,
  • PN-EN 62262:2003 - „Degrees of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impacts (IK code)”,
  • PN-EN 60695-2-11:2015-02 - „Fire hazard testing. Test methods. Glowing/hot-wire based test methods. Glow-wire flammability test method for end-products (GWEPT)”,
  • PN-EN 60695-11-10:2014-02 - „Fire hazard testing. Test flames. 50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods”.
  • PN-EN 60112:2003, PN-EN 60112:2003/A1:2010 - „Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices of solid insulating materials”.
  • PN-EN ISO 4892-2:2013-06 - Plastics. Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources. Xenon-arc lamps”.

Based on the obtained certificates and approvals, our products were provided with B and CE marking, which confirm the high quality of our goods, guarantee safety of use, repeatability of parameters and satisfaction of customers.

Explanation of enclosure markings

Explanation of enclosure markings

SKRD cabinet product range

SKRD 260/400/1
skrd 01
SKRD 400/400/1
skrd 02
SKRD 520/400/1
skrd 03
SKRD 520/400/2
skrd 04
SKRD 660/400/1
skrd 05
SKRD 660/400/1
skrd 06
SKRD 660/400/2
skrd 07
SKRD 660/400/2
skrd 08
SKRD 800/400/1
skrd 09
SKRD 800/400/2
skrd 10
SKRD 3x26/40
skrd 11
SKRD 52+26/40
skrd 12
SKRD 26+52/40
skrd 13
SKRD 400/500/1
skrd 14
SKRD 800/500/2
skrd 15
SKRD 260/600/1
skrd 16
SKRD 400/600/1
skrd 17
SKRD 520/600/1
skrd 18
SKRD 520/600/2
skrd 19
SKRD 660/600/1
skrd 20
SKRD 660/600/1
skrd 21
SKRD 660/600/2
skrd 22
SKRD 660/600/2
skrd 23
SKRD 800/600/1
skrd 24
SKRD 800/600/2
skrd 25
SKRD 3x26/60
skrd 26
SKRD 52+26/60
skrd 27
SKRD 26+52/60
skrd 28
SKRD 260/800/1
skrd 29
SKRD 260/800/2
skrd 30
SKRD 400/800/1
skrd 31
SKRD 400/800/2
skrd 32
SKRD 520/800/1
skrd 33
SKRD 520/800/2
skrd 34
SKRD 520/800/4
skrd 35
SKRD 660/800/1
skrd 36
SKRD 660/800/1
skrd 37
SKRD 660/800/2
skrd 38
SKRD 660/800/2
skrd 39
SKRD 800/800/1
skrd 40
SKRD 800/800/2
skrd 41
SKRD 800/800/3
skrd 42
SKRD 800/800/4
skrd 43
SKRD 3x26/80
skrd 44
SKRD 52+26/80
skrd 45
SKRD 26+52/80
skrd 46

SKRF cabinet product range

SKRF 260/400/1
skrf 01
SKRF 400/400/1
skrf 02
SKRF 520/400/1
skrf 03
SKRF 520/400/2
skrf 04
SKRF 600/400/1
skrf 05
SKRF 600/400/1
skrf 06
SKRF 600/400/2
skrf 07
SKRF 600/400/2
skrf 08
SKRF 800/400/2
skrf 09
SKRF 800/400/2
skrf 10
SKRF 800/400/1
skrf 11
SKRF 3x26/40
skrf 12
SKRF 52+26/40
skrf 13
SKRF 26+52/40
skrf 14
SKRF 400/500/1
skrf 15
SKRF 800/500/2
skrf 16
SKRF 260/600/1
skrf 17
SKRF 400/600/1
skrf 18
SKRF 520/600/1
skrf 19
SKRF 520/600/2
skrf 20
SKRF 660/600/1
skrf 21
SKRF 660/600/1
skrf 22
SKRF 660/600/2
skrf 23
SKRF 660/600/2
skrf 24
SKRF 800/600/1
skrf 25
SKRF 800/600/2
skrf 26
SKRF 3x26/60
skrf 27
SKRF 52+26/60
skrf 28
SKRF 26+52/60
skrf 29
SKRF 260/800/1
skrf 30
SKRF 260/800/2
skrf 31
SKRF 400/800/1
skrf 32
SKRF 400/800/2
skrf 33
SKRF 520/800/1
skrf 34
SKRF 520/800/2
skrf 35
SKRF 520/800/4
skrf 36
SKRF 660/800/1
skrf 37
SKRF 660/800/1
skrf 38
SKRF 660/800/2
skrf 39
SKRF 660/800/2
skrf 40
SKRF 800/800/1
skrf 41
SKRF 800/800/2
skrf 42
SKRF 800/800/3
skrf 43
SKRF 800/800/4
skrf 44
SKRF 3x26/80
skrf 45
SKRF 52+26/80
skrf 46
SKRF 26+52/80
skrf 47

SKRF cabinet with foundations product range — depth of 320 mm

SKRF 260/800/1-320
skrf fundament 01
SKRF 400/800/1-320
skrf fundament 02
SKRF 520/800/1-320
skrf fundament 03
SKRF 520/800/2-320
skrf fundament 04
SKRF 660/800/1-320
skrf fundament 05
SKRF 660/800/1-320
skrf fundament 06
SKRF 260/800/2-320
skrf fundament 07
SKRF 660/800/2-320
skrf fundament 08
SKRF 800/800/1-320
skrf fundament 09
SKRF 800/800/2-320
skrf fundament 10

SKRF cabinet product range – DIN

Basic series of DIN housings compliant with DIN 43629-1, DIN 43629-2, DIN 43629-3.

The SKRF-DIN series housings are used for typical cable cabinets, cable and measurement connectors, and in many different applications, such as for installing control and automation components and devices. They are used for outdoor solutions. They are characterized by high mechanical strength and resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation. SKRF-DIN housings are used in the low voltage (LV) electricity distribution market in alternating current systems as well as in the telecommunications and railway industries.

skrf din 00
skrf din 00
skrf din 00
skrf din 0
skrf din 0
skrf din 0
skrf din 1
skrf din 1
skrf din 1
skrf din 2
skrf din 2
skrf din 2

SKRD cabinet with a bottom — depth of 320 mm

SKRD 260/800/1-320
SKRD 260/800/1-320
SKRD 400/800/1-320
SKRD 400/800/1-320
SKRD 520/800/1-320
SKRD 520/800/1-320
SKRD 520/800/2-320
SKRD 520/800/2-320
SKRD 660/800/1-320A
SKRD 660/800/1-320A
SKRD 660/800/1-320B
SKRD 660/800/1-320B
SKRD 660/800/2-320A
SKRD 660/800/2-320A
SKRD 660/800/2-320B
SKRD 660/800/2-320B
SKRD 800/800/1-320
SKRD 800/800/1-320
SKRD 800/800/2-320
SKRD 800/800/2-320

Assembly instructions for SKR-400/800-1 + NDC cabling & distributing cabinet

budowa obudowy 01

Enclosure assembly

budowa obudowy 02
Place the left and right side wall on the mounting base.
Insert M8 nuts in the installation holes Fasten the interlock elements with bolts.

budowa obudowy 03
Place the rear wall on the mounting base. Place the
left and right side wall perpendicular to the rear wall. Press and move upwards.

budowa obudowy 04
Place the roof and fasten it with four 60x20
bolts inserted through the protrusions.

Door assembly

budowa obudowy 05Place the door on the mounting base, internal side up. Place the lock body
with handle side down in the openings in the doors. Fasten the large lock nut and
a small hexagonal nut in the handle rotation point.
Place the upper and lower rods in the openings in the doors.

budowa obudowy 06
Remove the M6 bolt from the rotating element of the handle.
Place the rectangular metal washer in the rotating lock bolt.
Put the rotating lock bolt on the rotating element
of the lock, fit the spline to the slide blocks of the lock rods
and fasten the M6 bolt. Bolt the interlock element.
Insert the hinges in the door openings.

Pedestal installation

budowa obudowy 07
Place 2 covers of the pedestal on the mounting base, push in the sliders and insert fasteners (these covers
will be used first during the installation). In the remaining 2 covers just push in the sliders.

budowa obudowy 08
Place the pedestal legs on the mounting base
and fasten to the stand grid with bolts.
Insert an angle section in the appropriate place.

budowa obudowy 09Place the pedestal A cover according to the
sequence of arrows and lock with sliders.
Do the same with the B cover.

budowa obudowy 10
Rotate the pedestal and fasten covers to legs with bolts.
Mount the remaining covers in the manner described above.
Tighten the stand grid bolts, ensuring that the pedestal legs remain parallel.

budowa obudowy 11
Place the pedestal legs on the mounting base
and fasten to the stand grid with bolts.
Insert an angle section in the appropriate place.

budowa obudowy 12
Place the pedestal C cover according to the sequence of arrows
and proceed in the same manner as with A and B cover.

Cabinet assembly

budowa obudowy 13
Place the enclosure on the standing pedestal ensuring that the angle section is in the rear
part of the cabinet. Fasten the cabinet together with a set of M8x50 bolts.

budowa obudowy 14
Fasten the cabinet doors by sliding
and securing the hinges (rotation around axis).
List of materials
Item Part name Pcs KTM/Catalogue number
1. Roof 1 D 400 250 000
2. Back wall 1 ST 400 800 888
3. Right side wall 1 PSB 250 800 000
4. Left side wall 1 LSB 250 800 000
5. Door 1 DR 400 800 000
6. 09 washer 4 ...
7. Hinges 2 Z
8. Rods 1+1 CZ800
9. Rotating lock bolt 1 ZOZ
10. Lock body with handle 1 K
11. Small lock nut 1 ...
12. Large lock nut 1 ...
13. Square washer 1 ...
14. M6 bolt 1 ...
15. 07 washer 8 ...
16. 60x20 bolt 8 ...
17. M8 nut 16 ...
18. Pedestal leg 2 NC 250 800 000
19. Pedestal cover 6 PC 400 240 000
20. Pedestal cover latch 8 ZPC
21. Angle section for cables 1 KK 400
22. Stand grid 1 KU 250 400
23. Fastening element 2 ...
24. M8x80 bolt 4 ...
25. 09 large washer 4 ...
26. M8x50 bolt 4 ...
27. Interlock element 2 EB
28. Bolt 2 ...
29. Pedestal extension 2 NDC

We reserve the right to introduce technical changes.

Additional information