Substation dedicated for emergency power supply, with the possibility of being supplied from an overhead or buried line.

Placement of equipment

MRw 20/630-1
STACJA TYPU MRw-m na płozach
1 Overhead connection
2 Ventilation louvres IP 23D - standard or IP 43 - option
3 Doors: solid or with ventilation louvres IP 23D - standard, or IP 43 - option
4 Transformer
5 LV switchgear
6 MV switchgear


The catalogue presents example substation configurations.

Electric diagram

STACJA TYPU MRw-m na płozach - schemat elektryczny

Technical parameters / configuration possibilities

Mass / Area
Main structure 2 400 kg
Usable area 4,73 m2
Technical parameters / configuration possibilities
Transformer (4) Maximum power / dimension* 630 kVA / 1000 x 1800 x 1850 [mm]
Internal arc resistance classification IAC-AB-16 kA-1s
Enclosure class 20
Electrical parameters of switchgears MV LV
Rated voltage up to 25 kV up to 0,69 kV
Rated current 630 A up to 1250 A
Rated short-time withstand current up to 20 kA (1s) up to 20 kA (1s)
Rated peak withstand current up to 50 kA up to 50 kA
Switchgear** Typ Maximum number of bays
LV (5) RN-W 7
MV (6) Rotoblok (700) 1 (RT1)

* Maximum width of the transformer installed through the substation doors.

** Detailed selection of switchgears and their equipment is listed in chapters dedicated to individual devices in the catalogue.
Example layouts of switchgears and corresponding substation configurations are specified in parentheses.

Additional information