Smart energy management system – SMART GRID
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smart gridTo meet the increasing needs of customers, ZPUE S.A. has introduced devices based on the latest technologies to its offer, which cooperate with energy network management systems. In order to make the cooperation of many systems possible, te idea of a smart energy management system, called “Smart Grid” has emerged.
It consists of devices and technologies which enable the management of industrial and distribu-tion networks. The emphasis is put on process automation in order to dynamically manage industrial and distribution networks using switching, metering and control points and contacts, which are located in a dispersed energy infrastructure.
The aim is to create one logically connected system, improving technical and economic efficiency of electricity production. Automation of distribution networks requires the installation of smart devices equipped with telemetry and automation protection. It provides a wide range of functions, including: telemetry, overcurrent and ground fault protection, short-circuit detection, analysis of energy quality, and fuse links monitor-ing.


An example of the devices manufactured by ZPUE S.A. designed for distribution electricity networks in the Smart Grid system are urban, small volume container transformer stations equipped with high technologically advanced MV and LV switchgears, with optional to remote monitoring and controlling.
The basic equipment of the abovementioned stations are modern MV switchgears from a wide range of solutions of our own production, with an installed engine-driven connector system, which makes it possible to locally or remotely maneuver the “open” and “close” functions of particular connectors. An auxiliary contacts system installed in all critical points of the switchgear (disconnectors position, circuit breakers, grounding switches, closed covers, SF6 gas) informs us of the operation state. This system, along with particular controllers installed in each switchgear function bay, is part of a smart interlock, which prevents performing faulty switching operations and undoubtedly influences the switchgear’s operation safety.
A very important element of the station is the LV switchgear equipped on its feeders with fuse disconnectors with apparatus state and fuse links inspection modules. In the switchgear, on each power supply and on each feeder , metering systems can be installed, making it possible to control, balance the energy consumption of a particular recipient and data transmission into the dispatch system.
Another example of devices dedicated to the Smart Grid system are MV cable connections in ZK-SN type concrete housing, thanks to which it is possible to separate the cable line from the wiring, connect-ing them to the subscriber’s stations and making connections in distribution networks. The basic equipment of the abovementioned cable connec-tions are TPM type MV switchgears with equipment similar to those used in transformer stations, which also allows remote monitoring and control. It is worth mentioning an innovate power supply system of auxiliary devices that is composed of a trans-former powered directly from the MV switchgear primary busbars, which cooperate with the power supply and accumulator battery. This solution ensures the autonomy of the whole system. It works perfectly in inaccessible areas where cable connections are installed, especially during winter.

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