PST-b 20/630

Technical parameters, electrical diagram, downloads, a description of the type of container transformer station PST-b 20/630 production ZPUE S.A.


In case the “conventional, on-ground” station cannot be placed owing to architectural limitations, the only solution is underground stations. The underground transformer station is a leakproof, monolithic concrete container adapted to be placed under the ground, with medium and low voltage switchgears installed inside. MV (TPM, Rotoblok SF) and LV (RN-W) switchgears are independent elements of the station. The station can be installed on the pavement, square, etc.
Bilges between two floors allow for proper functioning even when surface rain water leaks through the ventilation holes. Water-proof cable glands and tight concrete housing ensure reliable and long-term work of the station.

Station type PST-b 20/630

General view of the station type PST-b 20/630
General view of the station type PST-b 20/630
Top view of the station type PST-b 20/630
Top view of the station type PST-b 20/630

Diagram of the standard station type PST-b 20/630

Schemat standardowej stacji typu PST-b 20/630


  1. Optional station equipment is marked in red. oznaczono wyposażenie opcjonalne stacji. More information about the selection of switchgears and their equipment can be found in categories of switchgears LV i MV.
  2. Station can be designed in mirror version.

Configuration options

  Type MV bay number
(LV feeders)
MV switchgear TPM up to 4
LV switchgear RN-W up to 12
Transformer power up to 630 kVA
Housing class - 20


main body: 25 000 kg
usable area: 12,32 m2

Station type PST-bS 20/630+800+1000-9. Special version.

Stacja typu PST-bS 20/630+800+1000-9. Wykonanie specjalne.

Technical data

Stations parameters
   MV LV
Ur - Rated voltage up to 36 kV up to 1000 V
Ir - Rated current up to 4000 A up to 6300 A
IK - Rated short-time withstand current up to 40 kA (3s) up to 105 kA (1s)
IP - Rated peak withstand current up to 100 kA up to 231 kA
fr - Power frequency withstand 50/60 Hz
Maximum transformer power up to 4000 kVA
Protection degree IP23D up to IP43 (IP54)

Stations have been examined with regard to existing standards in accredited European laborato-ries.

Compliance with the standards

  • PN-EN 62271-202 - High-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 202: High-voltage/ low-voltage prefabricated substation;
    + related norms

Localization of the station due to fire safety requirements

The mounting area of the station should be chosen in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002, with regard to the technical requirements of buildings localization (Journal of Laws of 15 June 2002, No 75, item 690, with later changes) or local regulations.
Individual cases of localization/placing of the station should be considered on an individual basis and consulted with ZPUE S.A. or with other authorized services (opinion given by fire protection officer).

Underground transformer station type PST-b 20/630

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