Stations with electric power generators

Technical parameters, electrical diagram, downloads, a description of the type of container transformer station MRw-bk 20/250 production ZPUE S.A.

ZPUE S.A. deals with designing, prefabricat-ing, delivery, assembling and starting up emergency power supply systems based on concrete or metal housings of the company’s own production, using electric power genera-tors of the world’s manufacturers.
Electric power generators of rated power up to 1800 kVA were installed in completed ZPUE S.A. projects. In professional container stations, an open unit is installed in a prefab-ricated concrete container with a complete set of the MV and LV transformers and the SZR system.
Stations with electric power generators are adapted to work in internal and external conditions according to their destination, in climate conditions from -25°C up to 40°C, with installation altitude of up to 1000 meters above sea level.
Thanks to the prefabricated reinforced concrete housings, it is possible to design rooms where additional fuel tanks can be installed. It allows the electric power genera-tor to work continuously even for 24 hours, as well as to meet fire protection and noise emission requirements.ZPUE S.A. fulfills orders based on individual requirements of distributors and investors. Choosing the appropriate electric power generator guarantees reliability.kst ap d

Exemplary solutions of concrete container transformer stations with electric power generators.
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